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BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)


BMI under 26: $18,000
BMI 26-30: $22,000

Recovery time

3-6 weeks depending on activity level


1 treatment

What is a BBL?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) also known as Gluteal Augmentation, is a procedure that provides a dual benefit to the patient by transferring excess fat from an area where it is not desired and then injecting that same fat into the buttocks to provide a “lift” and enhanced contour to the body. By using the fat your body already has a BBL can yield natural-looking results without the long-term maintenance that can occur with implants.

Liposuction may be utilized to remove excess fat during a tummy tuck.

Who is a BBL right for?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is most appropriate for individuals who are in good health, and do not have any pre-existing conditions that affect their body’s ability to heal. Good candidates for this procedure have unwanted fat in other body locations, a desire for a more shapely butt, and are at or near their desired weight.

For your safety, if you have a BMI greater than 30 we will often suggest weight loss prior to undergoing the procedure. This is done in an effort to minimize complications.

What are my BBL options?

Each surgery is different and specific to the individual. Together with your surgeon, you may opt for initial liposuction of your abdomen, flanks, and/or low back. Your surgeon will discuss all other surgical options with you at your initial consultation.

How long will the results of a BBL last?

We often break BBL down into two parts; the first part being fat harvest or liposuction, and the second part being the fat transfer to the gluteal area. The results of the liposuction portion of the BBL can be long lasting, but they are dependent on a patient’s ability to maintain a stable weight and healthy lifestyle.

Conversely, with the fat transfer portion it is common that 50-75% of the fat injected is retained at your six month follow up (dependent on your individual presentation). Regardless this is something worthwhile to mention or ask your surgeon about.

What are the risks of a BBL?

Each year thousands of women and men undergo successful BBL procedures, experience no major problems, and are happy with the results. Significant complications are infrequent. However, our goal at FORM Face + Body is to make sure you understand what this surgery involves, including possible risks, complications, and follow-up care. A BBL poses various risks, including:

  • Hematoma (an accumulation of blood under the skin that may require removal)
  • Sensation changes
  • Other rare side effects can include uneven contours, rippling skin, and scarring

Your consultation with your surgeon is designed to maximize your outcomes and minimize complications by ensuring that the appropriate procedure is selected and that you have a full understanding of your pre and post-operative instructions. Our office is a constant resource for you in this regard and will carefully guide you through this exciting experience.

Is a BBL safe?

At FORM your safety is always held as our number 1 priority, which is why we take this question so seriously. Brazilian Butt Lift although safely and routinely done by our board-certified surgeons has in the past few years gotten significant attention in the news due to the rare complication of fat embolism leading to death.

As a result, BBL has been a major area of concern and the subject of discussion among many plastic surgery societies. These reports primarily come from parts of the United States and Latin America due to issues with regulations and the fact that non–board certified plastic surgeons were performing this procedure.

Thankfully due to hard work of our various Plastic Surgery Societies along with many years of research and clinical studies the procedure has become all the more safer and is something at FORM we do routinely with great outcomes. Furthermore, using these same studies, we have instituted many of the same protocols they have established in keeping patients safe. These include important things such as patient positioning, appropriately sized cannulas, limits on liposuction volume/fat injection and most importantly no injection of fat into the gluteal muscle (fatal results have only been found when fat is injected under the muscle).

What to Expect From

BBL Surgery

A Brazilian Butt Lift is performed under general anesthesia, and involves three main steps. First, your surgeon will suction the fat from its original location using liposuction (potential liposuction areas include the abdomen, flanks, and low back). Next, the fat is purified to reduce any extraneous fluid or damaged fat cells. Finally, the fat is injected into its new location to create fuller, rounder buttocks.

Following Brazilian Butt Lift surgery you will experience some soreness, swelling, and bruising in the areas where the fat was harvested and injected, which should subside within a few weeks. You should avoid vigorous exercise for 3 weeks. After 1-2 weeks, you should be able to return to most other daily activities, but you should avoid sitting for extended periods of time if possible. You will be asked to wear a compression garment or FAJA for the first few weeks following surgery to encourage smooth, even results.

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