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Body Lift



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What is a body lift?

A body lift is a surgical procedure that addresses excess or hanging skin and fat removal in multiple areas of concern. Sometimes referred to as a Belt Lipectomy, a body lift is one of the fastest growing surgical procedures today.

Who is a body lift right for?

Many patients have completed incredible weight loss journeys and are left with excess skin in the abdominal, flank, back and buttock areas. A body lift can tighten, lift, and remove this excess skin. Many women are also left with similar areas of excess skin following pregnancy. The body lift is a single procedure designed to help look after all these areas.

What are my body lift options?

One of the main components of the body lift is the extended abdominoplasty. This component addresses the excess skin of the tummy and flank area, repairs the underlying muscles, and effectively contours the surrounding areas with liposuction. Other main components of the body lift include the removal of the excess skin and fat from the lower back, and the lifting of the buttocks. During a body lift, the lateral thighs see significant improvement with lifting and tightening.

What are the risks of a body lift?

The results from a body lift are generally exceptional, with almost all of our patients reporting life changing results. However, this is an extensive surgery and the risks of wound healing complications, poor scarring, and slower than expected recovery are realistic. Our surgeons employ a number of cutting-edge techniques and technologies to minimize these risks. The risks of bleeding, infection and blood clots are considered as well in all body contouring procedures.

How long will the results of a body lift last?

The results of a body lift are long lasting and can vary based on each patient. Maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle can ensure that results will last.

What to Expect From

Body Lift Surgery

This is an extensive procedure, and the results can be transformative. Each procedure’s focus and results vary based on patient goals, concerns, and targeted areas. Along with the removal of excess fat, the body lift can tighten, contour, lift, and sculpt the tummy, buttocks and thigh areas.

A body lift is always performed under a general anesthetic and often involves a one night stay in our facility. Traditionally, drainage tubes are placed during surgery and removed several days after surgery. In most cases, our surgeons avoid drainage tubes by using a specialized technique referred to as The Progressive Tension Suture. The body lift or Belt Lipectomy is often combined with other procedures to improve contours in patients that have lost significant weight. These can include buttock augmentation with local flaps or fat grafting, lifting or shaping of the genital area, and even breast lifting or augmentation.

Initial recovery from a Belt Lipectomy involves early ambulation, which means that patients are encouraged to get out of bed and walk around immediately after surgery. Most other activities are limited for the first 2 weeks. Most patients see a rapid progression of recovery after 2 weeks and can reassume their regular activities. Within 6-8 weeks, most patients return to full activity- including exercise.

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