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Cleft Earlobe Repair

Cleft Earlobe Repair


Ranging from $1,500–$2,500

Recovery time

1 week


1 treatment

What is Cleft Earlobe Repair?

Cleft earlobe repair is the surgical restoration of the shape of the earlobe following trauma or natural malformation. Cleft earlobes can be divided into congenital and acquired clefts. Congenital cleft earlobes are more rare. Acquired cleft, torn or split earlobes are usually due to trauma from heavy earrings, a sudden pull on the earrings, chronic friction from the use of a smartphone while wearing earrings, or simply due to poor piercing practices. In addition to trauma; aging can contribute to cleft earlobes as well. Fortunately, we offer customized ear repair and reshaping techniques.

What are my Cleft Earlobe Repair options?

Cleft earlobes can be classified as having a complete, incomplete, unilateral, or bilateral cleft. A complete cleft usually occurs when jewelry is pulled out of the original pierced hole of the earlobe forming a divided medial and lateral limb. A partial cleft results when the piercing canal is elongated or deformed. Your surgeon will be familiar with categorizing the cleft and choosing the right repair.

The techniques of cleft earlobe repair are divided into two categories: straight- and broken-line repairs.

Straight-line repair is simple, fast and easy, but scar contracture can result in tightening along the suture line and a small remaining cleft at the margin (border) of the earlobe. However, the straight-line approach can be avoided by using a small flap such as Z-plasty, L-plasty or V-shaped flap. This will require precision and more operation time and surgical effort.

What are the risks of Cleft Earlobe Repair?

Earlobe repair and reshaping is a minimally invasive procedure, but you should still be aware of the risks involved:

• Infection

• Asymmetry

• Numbness, which can be permanent

• Small flaps on the cleft margin always carry the risk of flap necrosis

What to Expect From

Breast Lift Surgery

The procedure is usually performed in an outpatient clinic under local anesthesia, but for children, general anesthesia may be used. Simple tears and large holes can be corrected with sutures. For complete cleft earlobes, an incision is made and then closed and dressed. If your earlobe needs to be reconstructed, tissue may be borrowed from another location and attached to the defective earlobe. The procedure usually takes under an hour.

You will be able to return to daily activity within a day or two and will notice results immediately after surgery. Bandages, dressings, sutures can be removed after a few days to a week. There will be minimal discomfort and swelling. Tapes may be applied for 2 weeks after the removal of the stitches, followed by silicone ointment application for up to 6 months to minimize scarring.

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