Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Transfer

Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Transfer


Ranging from $6,000–$8,000

Recovery time

1-2 weeks


1 treatment

What is Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Transfer?

Hand rejuvenation via fat transfer is a surgical procedure that uses fat from another part of the patient’s body to restore volume and a more youthful appearance to the hands. During surgery, fat is obtained from an unwanted area like the flanks or thighs, and is injected into the dorsum (the back) of the hands.

What are my Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Transfer options?

Your hand rejuvenation treatment plan can also include non-surgical options like Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) treatments to improve skin tone and texture and help trigger collagen production. During your consultation, your surgeon will also discuss options for the fat transfer donor location and other specifics.

What are the risks of Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Transfer?

Hand rejuvenation via fat transfer is a low risk procedure and most of our patients are very pleased with their results. As with any surgical procedure, some risks are present including infection or scarring. However, your specialist will discuss aftercare solutions that will help your hands heal optimally so you can enjoy your results.

Who is Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Transfer right for?

As we age, we naturally lose volume in areas like our face and hands, and collagen production slows. This procedure can be a good option for patients who are starting to notice the more defined appearance of bones and tendons in their hands as a result of these changes.

What to Expect From

Hand Rejuvenation via Fat Transfer

This is a minimally invasive procedure, and local anesthesia in the donor (extraction) site and recipient (hand injection) site, in combination with sedation, may be used.

You will experience some soreness, swelling, and redness in the area of the extraction and in your hands following the procedure, but these symptoms should dissipate within several weeks or days. You’ll need to rest your hands, so if you often type, lift objects, or otherwise exert yourself in your everyday life, your surgeon will advise you on the best recovery plan to return to normal activities.

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