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“My body looks different after childbirth and breastfeeding. I’d like to look the way I did before giving birth, but I don’t know what my options are.”

Childbirth is a beautiful and incredible accomplishment, and your post-baby body is a reflection of strength and unwavering love, but pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body. From rapid weight fluctuations and breast changes to expanding skin and weakened abdominal muscles, there is often some degree of permanent change following childbirth. Many women are comfortable with their shape after pregnancy, but for others these changes greatly affect overall confidence and self-esteem. If these concerns sound familiar, we’re here to help.

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Throughout pregnancy, abdominal muscles are stretched and separated to accommodate the growing baby, and for many women they remain at least somewhat separated, a condition known as diastisis recti. Loose skin and stretch marks – the result of nine months of expansion – can also affect the appearance of the abdomen. An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), often paired with liposuction, removes excess fat and skin from the lower abdomen and tightens weak and loose abdominal muscles for a flatter, firmer appearance.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can bring about many changes to a woman’s breasts. Changes in size, shape, volume, skin laxity, and even nipple shape can occur. Depending on the concern, there are many excellent options to correct these changes while maintaining a comfortable, natural-looking result. A breast augmentation can increase the size and/or improve the shape of the breast, a breast lift is designed to lift the breast and nipple to a more proportionate, youthful position, and a breast reduction can restore proportionate size, shape and position.

Many women feel that their skin has changed dramatically after having children. Whether it’s the result of weight fluctuations, hormone changes or simply the tireless effort you put into looking after children, changes such as uneven pigment, dullness, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and loss of volume or definition are common. These can all be improved with a customized combination of effective skincare, injectable treatments, non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, or surgery.

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