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Bra Line Lift

Bra Line Lift



Recovery time

3-4 weeks


1 treatment

What is a Bra Line Lift?

A bra line lift is a surgical procedure with a similar goal as a body lift or a thigh lift, but specifically targets the area where the band of a bra typically sits. A bra line lift addresses excess or hanging skin and fat removal in the upper to mid-back areas. This procedure smooths the upper back, surgically lifting and removing the rolls of excess skin and fat that can gather along the bra line.

What are my Bra Line Lift options?

A bra line lift may be done in conjunction with other skin excision procedures such as a body lift, thigh lift, or arm lift (brachioplasty) in order to target multiple areas at once with one healing period. Some patients may also want to consider a breast augmentation or breast lift to further address proportion concerns in this area of the body.

Who is a Bra Line Lift right for?

This procedure can help patients who are struggling with the appearance of bra rolls that cannot be addressed with diet and exercise. A bra line lift is well suited for patients who are at a stable weight and are close to their goal weight. This is an important consideration—if your weight is fluctuating and you gain or lose a significant amount of weight following your surgery, your results will be compromised. Patients who have lost significant amounts of weight and have been left with excess skin are often good candidates for this type of procedure.

What are the risks of a Bra Line Lift?

Any surgical procedure involves an element of risk, but our surgeons are experienced and understand the nuances of surgical procedures that ensure comfortable healing and a positive overall experience. Our surgeons employ a number of cutting-edge techniques and technologies to minimize all risks.

The results from a bra line lift are generally exceptional, with almost all of our patients reporting life changing results. However, this is an extensive surgery and the risks of wound healing complications, poor scarring, and slower than expected recovery are present. The risks of bleeding, infection and blood clots are considered as well in all body contouring procedures.

What to Expect From

Bra Line Lift

A bra line lift is less intensive than a body lift, but it is still an extensive and transformative procedure. Each procedure’s focus and results vary based on patient goals, concerns, and targeted areas. A bra line lift is performed under general anesthesia and often involves a one night stay in our facility. Traditionally, drainage tubes are placed during surgery and removed several days after surgery. In most cases, our surgeons avoid the use of drains by using a specialized technique referred to as the progressive tension suture. 

Recovery time will vary based on the specifics of your procedure, and whether you have chosen to combine your bra line lift with other surgeries. Initial recovery from a bra line lift involves early ambulation, which means that patients are encouraged to get out of bed and walk around immediately after surgery. Most other activities are limited for the first 2 weeks. Most patients see a rapid progression of recovery after 2 weeks and can reassume their regular activities. 

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