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Lip Lift

Lip Lift



Recovery time

1-2 weeks


1 treatment

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a simple surgical procedure that lifts the upper lip and can result in a fuller, more youthful, more appealing lip area. As we age, collagen and elastin production naturally decreases. As a result, some people notice thinning lips that fall with age, or a stretched upper lip that rolls inward and looks thinner over time. Lip concerns can also be hereditary, and some individuals are born with thin lips in need of a boost or wish to create the appearance of a more voluminous lip with this procedure. A lip lift is designed to decrease the length of the skin between the upper lip and the nose and increase the tissue in the pink area of the lip, making it look fuller.

What are my lip lift options?

In general, a lip lift will shorten the space between the top of your lip and the tip of your nose, but the specifics of the procedure will depend upon your concern and desired outcome. During your consultation, your surgeon will examine this area and make surgical recommendations based on your vision.

A direct lip lift creates a more defined lip border, removing a strip of skin above your upper lip and emphasizing the vermillion (the pink part of your lips).

A central lip lift shortens the space underneath your nose and above your lips.

A corner lip lift addresses concerns about downturned lips, by removing excess skin at the corners of the mouth and lifting the lips with an incision at both corners of the mouth.

What are the risks of a lip lift?

A lip lift is a simple surgical procedure with minimal risk, but it’s always good to be aware of potential complications like scarring, poor wound healing, or nerve damage. Choosing qualified, experienced surgeons with a legacy of superior results and happy patients is a great way to minimize your risks and to feel confident in your procedure.

What to Expect From

Lip Lift Surgery

Your surgical procedure will depend on the type of lip lift being performed, but surgery time is generally short (30-60minutes) and can be done awake with a local anesthetic. During your procedure, the excess skin will be removed and sutures will be placed within the hidden creases of your lip.

You’ll need to rest for at least 24 hours following your procedure, and will need to avoid sleeping on your face, any dramatic movements with your mouth, or smoking. You’ll also need to regularly clean the sutures to ensure they heal quickly and healthily. Your surgeon will review the specifics of your surgery and recovery with you throughout the process, but keep in mind that everyday activities which involve your mouth, like brushing teeth or smiling, may be modified slightly as your sutures heal.

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